My Virtual Developer

Welcome to the Web 4.0.

You have an idea for a product or web service that will revolutionize the industry, but you don't have the development skills, time, or resources to get it going.

My Virtual Developer is there to help.

Using a patented method of coding and a team of hundred of thousands of developers, we will get your product to market.

What's the catch?

During the initial years, a percentage of the company will be owned by My Virtual Developer. We'll take the financial burden of getting it developed and marketed and helping you file for any patents. Once the company becomes profitable, and the initial costs of development and marketing have been recovered, you will have the option to re-purchase a portion of the stake in your company owned by My Virtual Developer.

What if the product fails or doesn't make any money? If after the arranged time frame, MVD hasn't recuperated the initial costs, and the business model doesn't seem to be profitable at this point, you will have the option to buy out the company for the total cost expended. If not, then the complete rights and ownership of any materials generated and patents become ownership of My Virtual Developer.

Not everyone will be eligible for the MVD pacakge. For those who don't make the cut, MVD has economical solutions to help.

What are you waiting for? Make your dreams a reality today!

Comprehensive Development Solutions

Have a project already and just need development or marketing? MVD offers extremely competitive rates. See how our patented coding method can get your project developed in 50% of the time and 25% of the cost.